Video: Struggle To Make Ranbir Kapoor Look Like Sanjay Dutt



Blown away, is how we would like to describe our status, after watching the much awaited, Rajkumar Hirani film, Sanju, starring Ranbir Kapoor as Sanjay Dutt.

RK proved his acting chops as he finely weaved-in Dutt’s unique nuances in his portrayal of  this distressed hero’s biopic.

Ranbir’s hard-work and finesse is very evident in the film, however what needs to be seen is the work Hirani and his aesthetic team put into making Ranbir look like Sanjay Dutt.

The below five minute video is merely a glimpse into what went into achieving the look. We are sure of it!



We at Style Bustle want to give a round of applause to the makeup and hair team. What are your thoughts on this aesthetic transformation? Leave in the comments below….

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