Salman Khan’s Brother In Law Breaks Traffic Rules In Vadodara, Gujarat

Salman Khan’s brother-in-law who reached the city of Vadodara, Gujarat to promote his film Loveratri was fined for riding a scooter around the city without wearing a helmet. A rule quite strict for bike riders in the city. Warina Hussain also was fined, since she too was spotted without a helmet sitting on the back seat of the scooter that Aayush was riding. The actors along with their team started their promotional ride on a scooter, from the airport till the famous spot called Sursagar in the city.

A report states that Aayush and Warina had to pay a RS 100 penalty for not wearing a helmet. And the cops went to their hotel room to issue a memo for the actors.

Seems like the first leg of the promotions of Loveratri didn’t go well with the actors.  is an upcoming SKF film on the blooming love between a garba teacher and an NRI girl, based against the backdrop of popular Indian festival of Navratri.

Warina Hussain and Aayush Sharma on bike sans helmet (pic credit: Instagram)
Spotted Ayush and Warina with their crew. Are they the only ones without helmets?

Rules are for everyone!

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