Salman Khan Breaks His Silence On Priyanka Chopra Fiasco In Bharat

Salman Khan and the entire team of Bharat were taken aback by Priyanka Chopra’s unforeseen exit from the film. There were lot of rumours around the entire subject. And after director Ali Abbas Zafar’s ‘Nick of time’ tweet, PeeCee engagement news came out.

Now Salman Khan himself has broken his silence on the topic, at the conference of his upcoming Production Loveratri, Salman spoke on the matter, he said, “I am really happy for her. If we had known that she has signed a big film in Hollywood, then we wouldn’t have stopped her. But, we got to know about it at the end moment and that too just 10 days before the start of shooting. I had started shooting already and then we got to know that she wants to leave the film.”

Salman further informed that Priyanka had said something else when she left the project. “That time some other reasons were given to us. When asked if Priyanka’s reason was her marriage plans with Nick, he stated, “That might be the reason but this (her new Hollywood project) is also a reason. Whatever may be the reason whether marriage or film or she doesn’t want to work in India or she does not want to work with me and only Hollywood films and TV shows, it is her decision.”

Salman wished Priyanka good luck and said, “We are really happy and supportive about her doing really good work. So what if she is not working here, she is making India proud. If she does not want to work with Salman Khan at least she is working with a big hero of Hollywood. So we are ok with that.”

Well, all is well that ends well!

Katrina Kaif has stepped into Priyanka’s role in Bharat. And Priyanka Chopra has got many big films abroad.

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