Remembering Meena Kumari; Some Fascinating Facts About The Actress


Had Bollywood’s most iconic actress, Meena Kumari been alive, today she would have celebrated her 85th birthday. Born on 1st August, 1933; Meena lived only 38 years of her life and left for her journey beyond on 31st of March, 1972.

Today on her birthday, even the search engine Google is paying tribute to Meena Kumari. Here’s looking at some fascinating facts about this actress.

1. Meena Kumari was born as Mahajabeen Bano and she was popularly called as Baby Meena when she was young.

2. Meena Kumari’s talent wasn’t just restricted to acting; she was a singer and a poet as well.

3 Meena Kumari has written many Urdu poetries under the pen name of Naaz.

4. She is popularly known as The Tragedy Queen, Female Guru Dutt and Cindrella Of Indian Films.

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Meena kumari in a still from Rukhsana(1955). . Talwar Films’ “Rukhsana” was released on Friday, April 22nd, 1955, at the Novelty and other theaters in Bombay and its suburbs. . The best performance comes from Meena Kumari. Her spontaneity, verve and natural abandon triumph over the wildly improbable things she is made to do. Beautifully dressed and photographed, she acts with dignity and just that dash of impishness which gives her work its endearing quality✨✨. . Though she was also criticized for starring in a rather familiar Ruritanian romance, it has a stereotyped plot and stereotyped characters in a narrative told the stereotyped way. . Also starring in the film were Kishore Kumar, Shammi , Kumud, Sunder , Randhir in pivotal roles. . Sadly there is no video material of rukhsana available only audio of the films songs are available. . Review – Cineplot Follow – @meena_mahjabeen #Meenakumari #PrideOfIndianCinema #Eternalbeauty #Goldenera #Rukhsana #Kishorekumar #shammi

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5. Meena Kumari began her acting carrier at a tender age of 4.

6. 18 year old Meena Kumari married film maker Kamal Amrohi. He was nearly 20 years older than her. Meena took marital vows with Kamal Amrohi without her father’s will.

7. Meena Kumar had sleep issues, she was an insomniac.

8. Meena Kumari is the most popular for her role in the film Pakeezah.

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Meena Kumari Over the Years Part – 5. (1956-1972) Finally the most awaited time arises! It's 12:00, 1st of August the birth day of our Queen, the top most legend, the Star Meena Kumari. . Kamal Amrohi himself pronounced, ‘Pakeezah is Meena Kumari.’ . Shah Jahan made Taj Mahal for his wife, Kamal Sahab wanted to do the same with Pakeezah."The concept, Kamal Amrohi says was irretrievably fixed with his love for his wife Meena Kumari.  He hoped to create a film which would be worthy of her as an actress, and worthy of the love he felt for her as a woman. Meena Kumari regarded the film as Kamal Amrohi's tribute to her. . . Kamal Amrohi declares that every line he wrote he had Meena in mind. He wished to present her on the screen as no one had before: beautiful, sad, sanguine, dejected, calculating, sexy he ambitioned to capture as many dimensions of her as he knew of. . However, one sentence worth considering: ‘the surging desire to love and be loved’. And it was this line in which Meena saw a reflection of her life. . . It all began with Pakeezah; from the time I can remember. A fan who had seen pakeezah in theaters recalls how the theatre had been so packed that people were even willing to sit on the stairway just to catch a glimpse of Meena Kumari and hear these gems of songs. . Pakeezah literally translates into ‘Pure One’, and if by some magical way one has to describe 'Meena Kumari' and the music of this film, then “Pakeezah” truly is apt. . Pakeezah released on 4th February 1972 became the swan song of our beloved Meenaji. All the 5 part videos are a small tribute to Meena Kumariji from @tashmi_vyas & @oldbollylegends . . Time to celebrate, time to spend her birthday with joy. Even though she's not present physically with us now spiritually she's with each on of us. Before we do anything let's join our hands and pray for this immensely beautiful soul called Mahjabeen Bano. May God rest her soul in peace❤🙏. . #Meenakumari #Sahibjaan #Pakeezah #PrideOfIndianCinema #KamalAmrohi #Oldbollywood #Eternalbeauty #Mahjabeen #Google @bilalamrohi @amrohitajdar @balanvidya @mashhooramrohi

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9. She died just 3 days after the release of Pakeezah.

10. She succumbed to liver cirrhosis. Meena Kumari now rests at Rehmatabad Cemetery in Narialwadi, Mumbai, Maharashtra.



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