Queen Kangana Ranaut’s Mom Is Just Like Any Other Mother

Films and personal life, Kangana Ranaut’s fans love these two aspects of her. She doesn’t follow conventions and convinces others also not to. Kangana always attributes her success to her conviction and family support. However, like many of us, her mother too every once in a while tries to slip the envelope of following the societal protocol of getting married and having kids.


So, recently when a leading daily, asked Kangana, if her mommy dear pushes her to get married, to which Kangana replied, “Of course she does, more so now that I am 31, but the family understands that I need a life partner who will be my match in every way so doesn’t push me into making a commitment. Whenever I’ve been in a relationship, even my mind skittles in that direction. But men and women want different things from a relationship. Men are driven by their primal instincts while women are not. They want more than physical gratification and are judged for that by being called ‘clingy’ and ‘needy’. Right now, I am single and not seeing anyone so there’s no maternal instinct and urge to extend my family, I’m happy with the one I have. If God wants me to have more, it will happen when the time is right.” We can totally relate to Kangana. Mothers sometimes push their kids to follow the societal protocols however they can understand them and their situations like nobody can. Moms are moms no matter who you are! What say you?

On work front, Kangana Ranaut’s Manikarnika is due to release soon and she has already commenced the shoot fo Panga.


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