Mira Kapoor Trolled For Her Acting Debut

You can love or hate her but can’t ignore her, is the line that straight up goes for Mira Rajput Kapoor. A rich Delhi girl married to a famous and rich Bollywood hunk, Shahid Kapoor. Things just worked for her, and we are super happy about it, because we have a fresh new face in Bollywood.

So Miss Mommy decided to take up an advertisement assignment, and why not, everyone wants to work and make the most of their looks, at least in the movie business. After initially refusing any acting aspirations, looked like Mira gave into the temptation and decided to give acting a go. Hubby was happy, news was doing rounds! Excited Mira shared the advertisement on her social media handle, and bam came love and trolls!

First you need to see Mira’s acting debut

A very elated hubby Shahid Kapoor shared an instagram story.



Shahid’s comment on Mira’s ad post



We are very happy to see Mira try something new but same can’t be said for the audience. Check out the trolls and bashing.


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Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 5.51.10 PM

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 5.51.41 PM

What are your thoughts on Mira’s acting debut?

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