Know Why Shraddha Kapoor And Rajkumar Rao Deleted Their Social Media?


Contrary to how it was in the past, lately social media has become a tool for marketing and less for sharing personal lives. It aims at reaching out not just friends and people one knows but the masses at large.

Making the most of this social media as tool to stay connected with as many people as possible are Bollywood actors, who every now an again share pictures of themselves to keep their fans entertained. However, recently, actress Shraddha Kapoor did the opposite. She deleted all her pictures. Later to share only three pics saying MARD KO DARD HOGA. This is move was for the promotion of her upcoming film Stree.

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Well that wasn’t it from Bollywood, Rajkumar Rao followed Shraddha’s suit and did the same thing. And our industry insider revealed it is all for the sake of publicity of Stree.

Rajkumar’s posts read as ‘O Stree Kat Aana.’

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Many Hollywood actors like Chrissy Teigen and Rihanna has done this in the past, while some have returned; some never came back!

Picture Credit: Shraddha and Rajkumar Instagram

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