Janhvi Kapoor’s Airport Look Will Solve Every Boy And Girl’s Confusion

There are days when the thought of picking out an outfit from the closet is tiresome and one instantly slips into an outfit dilemma. Or their are times when despite of owning truck loads of clothes the feeling of I have nothing to wear seeps in. For days like those, Dhadak actress, Janhvi Kapoor has the perfect answer.

Accompanied by father Boney Kapoor and sister Khushi Kapoor, Janhvi was spotted at the airport wearing a Moschino tee-shirt that had text answering everyone’s dilemma, ‘I didn’t know what to wear today so I put on this designer t-shirt.’ Cool, isn’t it?


This oversized tee could easily fit any guy, and he too can solve his outfit dilemma.

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